Overcomer: A Journey Through Grief

By Suzanne Martin In June 2015, my husband, Don, and I flew from Oklahoma to North Carolina for an annual month-long stay with family. All the emotions were in tow: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and happiness. The morning after we arrived, my world changed abruptly and I would never be the same. As Pop, as Don […]

Whose Voice is It, Anyway?

By Carol Ann Forgas God gives every single one of us a very specific talent – one that, I believe, should be used to return praises to Him – so that all may hear and learn of Him.  I have said many times that my voice is just a voice on loan. I wish I […]

Pastor’s Log, Stardate 1-10-2017: Destination Peace

Perhaps you can remember the television show Star Trek from the late 1960’s. The show was a science fiction adventure into the vast reaches of the universe and week after week the voice-over of Captain Kirk from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise would begin, “Captain’s log, Stardate 41239. Our destination is ……,” and the episode, duly identified, would […]

Yes, Jesus Knows Me!

By Lauren Wortman I must admit, I used to think of Jesus as an alien.  Come on, Jesus does some weird things. Like that time he killed the fig tree to make a point about having faith, or when he cried at the death of a friend only to turn around and bring him back […]

Hovering Above 2017

Holy Spirit     With your wind, stir my soul     With your words, order my day     With your wings, gather me in And I will be grateful I will be glad Amen — Jack Levison, 40 Days with the Holy Spirit As the New Year 2017 is about to dawn, I […]

My Christmas Wish List has grown into a JUNGLE!

By Sara Greene Mark and I have a tradition at Christmas that started in the gym at First Baptist a few years back.  The World Craft Fair sets up in the gym one Wednesday night in November each year.  That first year there were some things that I really liked, but I have a hard time […]

God’s light shown through unexpected friendships

by Tisha Dedmon (A look inside the history of #NYCTreeGirls) It all began four years ago. Both of our sons played bass in the Shelby Middle School orchestra. The opportunity arose that I would introduce myself to Carol Ann Hoard. We had many of the same friends but had never actually met before. We hit […]

Merry Stinkin’ Christmas!

By Tara Beth Warrick In my former life, I was a Type A individual. Always on time. Always prepared. If I was not as talented as my competition, I could certainly out work them. In some ways, this drive was very helpful as it got me into college. In other ways, it led me to […]