Into an anxious world rises the hope of life over death…

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Into an anxious world rises the hope of life over death…

He is Risen Indeed!

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Into an anxious world rises the hope of life over death…

He is Risen Indeed!

You are welcome to worship Him with us!

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Welcome Dr. Doug Hankins, Pastor, FBC Shelby!

This week we welcome Doug and Natalie Hankins, along with their children, Grace and James, into our First Baptist family.  Thank you for your prayers for them as they move to Shelby this weekend and Dr. Hankins preaches in worship for the first time as our Pastor on November 15!

Click here for Brochure Introducing Dr. Doug Hankins

Morning Worship --November 22, 2020

Click below to see our Morning Worship service on Sunday, November 22. Thank you for gathering with us for worship from your home during these days of separation.  [Also, note that this service will air on Spectrum Cable 9 the following Sunday.]

Click here for November 22 Worship Service

Sunday Morning Worship and Bible Study

We look forward to worshiping the Lord together face-to-face and studying His Word together face-to-face as soon as possible (9:30 AM Worship and 10:45 AM Sunday School for All ages).  Until we are able to gather together in our Sanctuary, watch for us online in the following ways:

Sunday, 9:30 AM — Facebook LIVE Worship

Sunday, 11:00 AM — Spectrum Cable Channel 9 (one week delay)

Sunday Mornings — Adult and Children’s Sunday School Lessons via Facebook.

Sunday, 7:00 PM — Youth gather at Outdoor Venue and Zoom in bad weather

Wednesday, 6:00 PM — Bible Study in Mark with Dr. Canoy on Facebook LIVE

Wednesday, 6:00 PM — Children Facebook LIVE with Missy, in November at the Outdoor Venue

Wednesday, 7:00 PM — Youth gather at Outdoor Venue (and Zoom in bad weather)

Also, watch for the Youth and Children Facebook pages for interactive encouragement along the way! 

Also, click below to access our Vimeo page and recordings of all our past worship services.   

Prayers for you and our community in these days!

Click Here for Our Worship Services

Sunday School Lesson Starter -- November 22

Here’s an Adult Sunday School Lesson Starter for November 22 for your use at any time following our Morning Worship together on Facebook LIVE at 9:30 AM

Click here for SS Lesson Starter for November 22

Wednesday Bible Study -- The Book of Hebrews, November 18

Here is the conclusion of the study of the Book of Hebrews  Dr. Robert Canoy has been teaching on Wednesday Evenings.  

Click here for Wednesday Bible Study

Accessing the Church Facebook Page

If you do not have a personal Facebook account you can still see the church Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon in the upper righthand corner of the home page.  Once there, one must scroll down to the very bottom of the page.  Seeing there the “create new account” green box,  click on the words “not now” which are located immediately underneath the green box. This takes the viewer to a new screen and to  the videos—very visible in the center of the screen.  Scroll down or up as needed to access the one needed. 

Worship with Tithes and Offerings

FBC Online Giving Portal

Always remember you can give your tithes and offerings for the work of the Lord through His church even when you are away.  Click below to access our online giving portal as we give thanks to God for his blessings and give of ourselves to join his kingdom work in Shelby.

Click to Give Tithes and Offerings

Communication Tree Sign UP

Communication Tree “Opt-In”

We are looking to prepare a “phone tree” style communication list using text/ voice messaging and email messaging.  We need you to “opt-in” to the system with the phone number you want us to use and email address you want us to use.  Only those members who opt-in to the system will receive notifications from the church in these areas:  (1) Church Promotions (2) Inclement Weather Announcements and (3) Deaths in the church family.  Sign-up during February by emailing your information to or by filling in the Google form by clicking below:

Click Here to Opt-In


FBC Revised Pandemic Guidelines Approved by Deacons
20 September 20

Preface: COVID-19 continues to be unchecked by medical prevention. That being so, every recommendation that follows comes with the following cautions and expectations:

  • Those who are in high risk categories (older adults, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, compromised immune systems) should stay safely at home as much as possible.
  •  No one should feel compelled to gather at any place or time if they do not feel safe in doing so. 
  • The CDC states: “There is no way to ensure you have zero risk of infection, so it is important to understand the risks and know how to be as safe as possible. The best way to protect yourself and to help reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 is to: (1) Limit your interactions with other people as much as possible and (2) Take precautions to prevent getting COVID-19 when you do interact with others (including the 3 W’s).
  •  For any activity at First Baptist Church, we will covenant together to take the following precautions:  1. Wear a face covering in groups of any size and when it is not possible to maintain 6 feet of social distance when working on projects at the church.  2.  Wash our hands often and use hand sanitizer often.  3.  Wait 6 feet apart from others — This measure includes NO hugging, kissing, hand-shaking, fist bumping, body checking, etc.  4.  We will accept the reality that if we do not uphold these measures “religiously” then we are in danger of further community spread of the virus and we are jeopardizing our opportunities to minister together.
  • Do not attempt to attend any social gathering at church or elsewhere when you have a fever or after being exposed to COVID-19. The CDC guidance is: “Stay home for 14 days after your last contact with a person who has COVID-19. Watch for fever (100.4◦F), cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19. If symptoms develop, seek medical attention.”
  • Outdoor gatherings are safest and are preferred.

Watch our Facebook page and Website postings for upcoming events! The timing and safe planning for face to face Worship in the Sanctuary/Chapel continues to be revisited often. Until then, we will continue to worship via Facebook LIVE and Spectrum Cable.

Thank you for your prayers for our deacons and staff as we continue to navigate the public health threat before us.

First Baptist Church of Shelby Welcomes You!

We have heard Jesus say, “Come to me all you who are weak and burdened, struggling with life’s demands, and I will give you rest.”  Jesus transforms us from ‘strugglers’ on life’s journey to
‘difference makers’ for God’s glory as we follow him into

Community, Compassion, and Service!

Upcoming Events

To find out about our upcoming events visit our Events Page. Please let us know how you would like to become involved with the life and fellowship of First Baptist Church.

Upcoming Events
Let's Connect

We love to connect with members of our community. Have a prayer request? Want to learn more about our classes? Need someone to share your journey?Just send us a message. 

Connect With Us

He Uses It All - BIG and small!

A glimpse inside what’s going on in the lives of those at FBC. How God is working in us and through us as we intentionally look for His grace in our lives each day.  And then intentionally showing His love to those around us….whether it’s in a different country or right here in our community.  He uses it all-BIG and small! (There will be a wide variety of members and those in the community sharing bits of their stories! Come back often!)

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