By Sara Greene

Mark and I have a tradition at Christmas that started in the gym at First Baptist a few years back.  The World Craft Fair sets up in the gym one Wednesday night in November each year.  That first year there were some things that I really liked, but I have a hard time buying things for myself that close to Christmas.  On the other hand World Craft is a great ministry that helps people learn a craft/trade that enables them to support themselves or their families.  I was torn, but decided not to buy for myself.  Mark somehow purchased an item or two and surprised me Christmas morning with it.  It was truly a special gift.  It was something my husband picked out especially for me, but even more special is that somewhere across the world another woman’s family was better off for it.

The next year he met me in the gym and I showed him all the things that would be on my wish list and he picked out something for one of my gifts.  This has gone on for many years and has evolved into quite a special thing.  Nowadays, we get an email from Dot Dot(Dorothy Young) and I go through to make a wish list.  Then they get together to do Mark’s shopping.

Since many of the items World Craft sells has an African or Indian design they display very well together.  Most items are displayed in our TV room that we now affectionately call the “Jungle room.” There are wood carved animals, an olive wood nativity, and an Africa pennant.   There is a Turkish trivet in the kitchen along with some bowls.  Last year we started a collection of wooden children’s toys in hopes of future grandchildren.

This is a way for us to really share the true meaning of Christmas.  It is the sharing of God’s love between us and with others.  This lasts throughout the year as we sit in that room and see the beautiful items that have hopefully enriched a life.  It also stands as a reminder to pray for those less fortunate.

(WorldCrafts is a division of the Woman’s Missionary Union.  Learn more at