By Holly Sweat

The Lord continues to carry us through a difficult storm. The last couple of days have been trying, it began Wednesday when I came home from work and found Dan completely disoriented. Phone books were thrown all over the counter in Dan’s attempt to reach me at work.  He couldn’t figure out how to use the phone or his cell phone to contact me or anyone else for help. He was having difficulty speaking,  he didn’t know what year it was,  or who the president was and had trouble finding words. After 11 hours in the ER, Dan was stabilized and admitted to Vidant to be monitored.

Praise the Lord, he did NOT have a stroke, they found no swelling in the brain or brain tumor. They really could not explain what happened besides high blood sugar.  After being monitored over night at Vidant Hospital we were able to head to Duke Cancer Center Friday morning for tests we had originally scheduled weeks ago. The results of the CT scan, MRI and bone scan showed new lesions in Dan’s ribs, an increase in the chest fusion, more nodules in both the left and right lungs (all cancer), a new compression fracture in his spine at T7 and an increase of fluid in his lungs that is making it difficult for him to breathe.  The labs that were fine Thursday in the hospital in Greenville now showed problems for his liver at Duke. The roller coaster of our life continues.

Bottom line: this chemo that he has been on for the past 2 1/2 months, which has also kicked his butt, is not working.  The plan is to stop his current chemo and begin immunotherapy with Optivo in two weeks.

I am so glad I have scripture to remind me of God’s faithfulness. I am trying not to make the same mistake the Israelites did after they were freed from Egypt. Even after seeing miracle after miracle they questioned God’s ability to save them from the Giants of Jericho. REALLY how could they doubt God after all he had taken them through; victory from the Egyptians, parting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven and still they questioned God’s faithfulness.

Oh, I pray I don’t do that.

I look back at all The Lord has carried us through in the past year: severe jaundice, a tumor so large on Dan’s kidney it had to be removed, a brain tumor, nine compression fractures and tumors on his spine, liquid in his Lungs  that had to be drained several times, and yet Dan is still here.  The Lord has sustained us, blessed us, and given us an amazing peace through this entire journey. He has put friends in our lives that have blessed us tremendously. He continues to give us hope and a message of his love and faithfulness not only for us but for others. We have no doubt this journey is bigger than we are.

Recently someone asked Dan how he was doing and my amazing, resilient husband answered, “God is not only good He is extravagant.” That comment was made shortly after he got back from the dentist after having a bone pop out of his gum from the chemo and it had to be filed down.

To think I get to live with this amazing man!!!

Scripture reminds us: “Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world.”  We are BLESSED, we have seen miracles!  Although we are going through difficult times we are not alone. We are promised that God will never leave us nor forsake us. We do have a strength and a peace beyond all understanding. God is good!

The journey continues and we thank everyone for your continued love and prayers.

His vessel,


7 Responses

  1. What a powerful testimony! I continue to pray for strength, hope, and peace. Love in Christ, Dawn Anthony

  2. Holly, your strength for Dan and your children is amazing! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

    Glenda Crotts

  3. God bless you with amazing peace, healing and confidence in his ability to heal and sustain!!

  4. Holly and Dan, how good it is to hear your uplifting, positive words as you deal with cancer–a very scary word and horrible situation. You both are very encouraging as you share the faith you have in the Lord and what He is doing in your lives. Thank you so much! Please know that we are missing you and your family and will pray for you all as you continue this most difficult journey!

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony. Our prayers will continue for you both.

  6. It is amazing how God walks a closer walk with us during difficult times. When he shows his presence, you feel a blanket of peace come over you. As I shared the journey with my sweet Robin, I witnessed God’s love for Robin, through the kindness and support from everyone that crossed our path. Please know that Dan, you and your family are in my prayers. Hope…..cling to it! Love, Marie

  7. Holly
    Thank for these encouraging words. Through it all your eyes on Him the sustainer of our lives. Thank you also for revealing the steadfast love of our Father. May His peace beyond your understanding continually keep both your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!