March 24, 2020

FBC Kids Daily Devos — March 24


By Missy Smith

Today, is a rainy day! Often times on rainy days we see the clouds and feel the dampness in the air. It can make us feel a little sad and gloomy ourselves. Sometimes adults call this “rainy day blues” because we feel sad and blue on these rainy days. This may be the way some of you have been feeling at home as you are away from friends, away from the fun things you can do at school, being away from all those that love you at church and from just not being able to do all you want and when you want to.

But did you know that we need rain. Even though rain can be an inconvenience at times….we need the rain to water the plants. We need it to rain so that we can have water to drink and so that the earth can cool. Rain is important even when it keeps us indoors when we would rather be outside. Do you know that without the rain we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beautiful rainbows in the sky. The reflection of the sun on rain in the sky is what makes the rainbow.

Watch this video about Noah and the very first rainbow:

God used the rainbow as a beautiful remainder to Noah that He is faithful to keep His promises and even today we can remember that in our inconveniences God is faithful to see us through.

Memory Verse: “I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” Genesis 9:15

Prayer: Thank you God for the beautiful way you have made your creation. Thank you for the rain that waters the plants, quenches our thirst and helps to cool the earth. Thank you Lord for painting a beautiful rainbow in the sky to remind us that you are faithful to keep your promises.

Boredom Buster: Draw a beautiful rainbow using beautiful colors and thank God for the blessings HE has given you today. Write your Bible verse under the rainbow and place it somewhere to remind you that God is taking care of all of your needs even in difficult times.      

“Let God’s promises SHINE on your problems.” -Corrie ten Boom