Revival Reflections: What Have You Heard God Saying?

Re·viv·al – improvement, activation, reawakening, restoration! All of these words live in the definitions of what “revival” is all about when it is underway.  They are words that characterize the movement of God to speak to our hearts about the life of faith before us as a congregation and as individual Christ Followers: The “improvement” of our understanding and/or grappling with scripture. An “activation” of believers into renewed commitment to service in God’s kingdom. A “reawakening” […]

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Revival is Coming!

Sermon Synopsis: Eduardo Steibel, preaching on May 26, 2019 Consider “Revival” this morning! Revival comes when we surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Revival is our commitment to seek God’s Kingdom in the very, very first place of our lives. Think about the rooms of a house being listed for sale. If the house’s owner did not allow the realtor to open one of the rooms in the house because of the kinds of things […]

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