Called to a Song of Unity: A Faith Story

By Justin Harper God grows on you. Or for some…God grows IN you. Sure, we can grow in God, but have you ever thought of it like this: What if when God calls YOU out, it is at just the RIGHT time and at just the RIGHT place? HE searches for YOU…everyday.  It took me […]

Whose Voice is It, Anyway?

By Carol Ann Forgas God gives every single one of us a very specific talent – one that, I believe, should be used to return praises to Him – so that all may hear and learn of Him.  I have said many times that my voice is just a voice on loan. I wish I […]

Carry Your Candle!

One week ago on Christmas Eve and standing at the door to wish folks a “Merry Christmas” upon their departure from our service, I noticed several members of Fred and Joan Flowers’ family departing the service still holding their candles from the candlelighting and the flames on the candles were still aglow! Joan made a […]