Teamwork Always Makes the Difference

Mutu umodzi susenza denga! “One head can’t carry the roof.” That’s the east African way of saying, “There’s no ‘i’ in ‘team.’”   The truth is teamwork always makes a difference.  We need each other. And, when we work and play together, the fellowship that results is always a winner. Last week saw the season finale tournament of the Men’s Church Basketball League. Our First Baptist Church Men’s Team finished 2nd in the league championship tournament […]

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The Risk with Deep Roots

By Sara Hickman I have been a football coach’s wife for almost six years now.  Let me let you in on a little secret: the coaching life is NOT glamorous.  It is a year-round job with training season, football season, and recruiting season. As a wife, it can often be lonely for me with a husband who is on the road and puts in a TON of hours.  We deal with a lot of uncertainty, […]

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Deeply Rooted

By Carol Ann Hoard Life comes at you fast sometimes – things where you have no control like hurricanes, floods, and …. cancer. During our recent encounter with life, I have learned so much.   Joel and I have walked through a storm of life, when just recently he was diagnosed with leukemia.   We were taken back because Joel is so healthy.  However, we knew whatever the outcome of this storm, we were going to be […]

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Learning to see the “What is”

By Michelle Moser I met my husband on a blind date on Easter weekend of 2015. My mom’s friend thought it would be a good idea for us to meet, and needless to say she was right. One thing that bonded us early on was the strong desire to start a family. With both of us in our mid-thirties, we were ready to start a new chapter in our lives. Bruce and I dated for […]

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God’s light shown through unexpected friendships

by Tisha Dedmon (A look inside the history of #NYCTreeGirls) It all began four years ago. Both of our sons played bass in the Shelby Middle School orchestra. The opportunity arose that I would introduce myself to Carol Ann Hoard. We had many of the same friends but had never actually met before. We hit it off immediately, and I discovered she had helped to counsel students after the death of our son, Tripp, in […]

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