Family Life

So Moms….Mother’s Day Blog 2018

By Missy Smith My kids are perfectionists!  They want so bad to please their teachers, coaches, dance instructors and peers. They get so upset when they make a little mistake. They want to do things well and make sure that everyone is proud with their performance. They often get really upset when they don’t do something well. I know exactly where my girls get this from, as I do the same thing. One day, my oldest […]

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Learning to see the “What is”

By Michelle Moser I met my husband on a blind date on Easter weekend of 2015. My mom’s friend thought it would be a good idea for us to meet, and needless to say she was right. One thing that bonded us early on was the strong desire to start a family. With both of us in our mid-thirties, we were ready to start a new chapter in our lives. Bruce and I dated for […]

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Overcomer: A Journey Through Grief

By Suzanne Martin In June 2015, my husband, Don, and I flew from Oklahoma to North Carolina for an annual month-long stay with family. All the emotions were in tow: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and happiness. The morning after we arrived, my world changed abruptly and I would never be the same. As Pop, as Don was affectionately named by our family, was leaving the breakfast table his breathing became labored and his steps faltered. Something […]

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Yes, Jesus Knows Me!

By Lauren Wortman I must admit, I used to think of Jesus as an alien.  Come on, Jesus does some weird things. Like that time he killed the fig tree to make a point about having faith, or when he cried at the death of a friend only to turn around and bring him back to life. I heard these stories about Jesus, and it seemed to me that he was trying his best to […]

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Merry Stinkin’ Christmas!

By Tara Beth Warrick In my former life, I was a Type A individual. Always on time. Always prepared. If I was not as talented as my competition, I could certainly out work them. In some ways, this drive was very helpful as it got me into college. In other ways, it led me to feel the need to control every situation in my life, instead of relying on my Lord to guide me through. […]

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