Loving Father

By Missy Smith I grew up with a great father. He was always in my corner to cheer me on and to tell me that he loved me. I can remember at a very young age feeling special to him as he would take time to play with my brother and me. He would often […]

Never Been a Mother

A Mother’s Day Reflection By Bailey Smith This is no surprise, but I’ve never been a mother.  Frankly, the thought of being a mother is one that would cause me to wake up sweaty and scared to death in the middle of the night!  However, I do feel like I’m somewhat knowledgeable about mothers.  I’ve […]

Donuts for Dads!

Donuts for Dads – February 24, 2020 This word of encouragement was shared by Tony Tench to the Dads and Granddads who gathered with their children at Mother’s Morning Out today! The MMO schedule allows them to have a Mother’s Day Tea with the Moms but they are not in session for Father’s Day so […]

So Moms….Mother’s Day Blog 2018

By Missy Smith My kids are perfectionists!  They want so bad to please their teachers, coaches, dance instructors and peers. They get so upset when they make a little mistake. They want to do things well and make sure that everyone is proud with their performance. They often get really upset when they don’t do something […]

Learning to see the “What is”

By Michelle Moser I met my husband on a blind date on Easter weekend of 2015. My mom’s friend thought it would be a good idea for us to meet, and needless to say she was right. One thing that bonded us early on was the strong desire to start a family. With both of […]

Here We Go Again — a Mother’s Day Reflection

By Missy Smith Here we go again…. It’s another morning and my alarm goes off. As I reach to silence it…. I take a deep sigh and I cringe. I know that when my feet hit the floor they will not stop until I come back to this bed in the late hours of the […]

Overcomer: A Journey Through Grief

By Suzanne Martin In June 2015, my husband, Don, and I flew from Oklahoma to North Carolina for an annual month-long stay with family. All the emotions were in tow: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and happiness. The morning after we arrived, my world changed abruptly and I would never be the same. As Pop, as Don […]

Yes, Jesus Knows Me!

By Lauren Wortman I must admit, I used to think of Jesus as an alien.  Come on, Jesus does some weird things. Like that time he killed the fig tree to make a point about having faith, or when he cried at the death of a friend only to turn around and bring him back […]

Merry Stinkin’ Christmas!

By Tara Beth Warrick In my former life, I was a Type A individual. Always on time. Always prepared. If I was not as talented as my competition, I could certainly out work them. In some ways, this drive was very helpful as it got me into college. In other ways, it led me to […]