By: David White

Everyone in the world, adults and children, wants to be loved. The Bible says love thy neighbor as thy self. Sometimes it is hard to love thy neighbor. One reason it is they are different from us. God made us in his image with different personalities. With real love in your heart, your heart is open to everyone. Whatever anyone does to you the love is still there. Carrying the love of God and living by his love will be an example to people around you. Once people see the happiness you are experiencing they may want to live by your example, love. Their life may change to living for God.


Father God in heaven. We pray today for your love to be in our hearts. This is a love only you can bring. You know we search for love in many of the wrong places. We pray you open our hearts giving peace and love only you can bring. My life has been spent wanting to be accepted and loved by people, people realizing the whole time, I was loved by Jesus Christ and accepted by God. Amen.