At our recent Greatest Treat Festival on October 29, I shared that, while this year’s most popular Halloween costume is the “super hero,” God has given to each of us a super power, a special ability, called “faith.”  Faith is the ability to trust our lives into the hands of God.   And, when we use our super ability, we are able to “fight the good fight of faith and take hold of eternal life to which you were called” (1 Timothy 6:12).  It is only by faith that we are able to be the human beings God created us to be.

But what is faith and how can we live “faithful?”

Faith is Reaching Out …. to God through the haze of doubt, through the pain of trial, through the confusion of temptation. Reach out to God and faith is on the move.  You see, faith is not dependent upon clarity of sight, purity of thought, or safety and security of home and hearth. No, faith is reaching to God when you can’t see, when you screw up royally, when you feel the threat of pain and discouragement. Reach to God even when doubts swirl and take over.   Those doubts do not mean you don’t have faith for faith is reaching up through the swirl to the one who is reaching to you!  And,…

Faith is Speaking Up….as you tell yourself that God is real right now where you are. Scripture says, “anyone who comes to God must believe that he exists” (Heb. 11: 6).  That phrase literally means to believe “that he is.”   Yes, faith is not about having all the answers to you theological queries nailed down. It’s about believing that there IS something, someone beyond ourselves!  Faith is not about understanding all the ontological implications and complications that philosophers have posited about God and human beings across the centuries. It is about “right now I am ‘moved’ but I know I am not the ‘mover.’”  Like that father long ago hoping for healing for his son, let us make the declaration, I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”    Simply declare there is more here than ‘me and my doubts!”  And, herein, faith is underway in our hearts!

When we reach out to God and speak belief above our doubts, that’s when our ability to trust in God is met by the very power of God!  And there, we are filled with an uncommon joy because we find that God’s power and presence wins the day for us every time in Jesus.

Help comes to our side faster than a speeding bullet.

Our spirits are lifted higher than the tallest building.

We are loved more deeply than the vastest ocean.

Our hearts are comforted stiller than the quietest night.

Would you use your super ability and trust your life into the Lord’s hands today?  Here’s how.  Imagine Superman’s “S” on your chest and on your head.  Say to God, “I…

S — urrender my heart to you because I am …

S– orry for my sin and need your forgiveness.  And, I now will…

S–et my mind on Jesus to lead me every day.

Praise God, you are now on your way to really being the person God made you to be, by faith!