May 10, 2019

The Hats A Mother Wears

As mother’s we wear so many different hats….

We wear the football helmet because at times we need to tackle multiple tasks at one time and often tackle our children as we care for them.

We have to wear the police officer hat because it is our job to keep them safe and away from trouble.

We place on our heads the safari hat as it is our job to travel through foreign jungles and keep our little wild animals tame.

We have to wear the fire fighter hat so that we are able to safely put out fires for our children all their days. 

We must secure the construction worker hat as we build a home that is nurturing and stable for our children to grow in.

We need to have a toboggan so that we are always able to greet our children with a warm embrace.

We often need to put on the party hat so that we can create environment that is playful and entertaining for our children to be in.

We put on a baseball cap as we are sure that are children are able to relax with us and know that they can always be loved as who they are when they come into our presence.

We also put upon our heads the lovely tea party hat so that we can help our children to see the beauty in the world around them.

We grab the cowboy hat when we need herd our children from place to place.

We must recall that we place securely on our heads the “What Would Jesus Do” hat so that our kids see us live out our faith.  

Oh mothers we wear so many hats….so many hats!

These hats that were created for just one head at a time are often piled high on our heads all at once. Sometimes the balancing all these hats at one time is a daunting task but there is hope we are not alone…

In Thessalonians Paul gives the church of Thessaloniki encouragement as they were enduring difficult times and this encouragement can also be for us today to give us the reminder that we are not alone.

Paul says, “He who calls you is faithful, he will surely do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Let us not forget this Mother’s Day as we balance so many hats that God who has called us to wear….He will not leave us alone. He will help us complete these tasks and He will equip us to do it well. This Mother’s Day let’s rest with joy in that HE who has called us is FAITHFUL and HE will DO it!