May 26, 2019

Revival is Coming!

Sermon Synopsis: Eduardo Steibel, preaching on May 26, 2019

Eduardo Steibel, FBC Deacon, preaching

Consider “Revival” this morning! Revival comes when we surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Revival is our commitment to seek God’s Kingdom in the very, very first place of our lives.

Think about the rooms of a house being listed for sale. If the house’s owner did not allow the realtor to open one of the rooms in the house because of the kinds of things he had stored in there, that would not be a good listing! Likewise, there are too many rooms in our hearts that we have not surrendered to God. Revival comes when we open all those rooms to the Lord’s power and presence. The rooms of our marriages, our businesses, our friendships, our checkbooks, etc.

Question: How will revival come to our church? Answer: Just like it came to the early church about which we read in Acts 2: 38-47!


  1. When we open our lives to be daily filled by the Holy Spirit.
  2. When the Word of God is central to all we do.
  3. When we make God THE priority in our lives evidenced through our fellowship with the Body of Christ and our commitment to prayer that we live daily.

Now, don’t forget this: When God is at work in our church and revival is on the horizon, there will be “voices.” It was true for the early church (Acts 2:13) — detractors came in a hurry! As God calls on us to open our hearts to his presence and power, let us listen only to his call. Let’s not listen to any other voices along the way that would distract or discourage the revival God has in mind for us.

Church! Revival is coming!