May 2, 2018

Praying for Our Church — Puting Feet to Our Prayers

Pausing to Pray for Our Church!

There is a Monday Night Bible Study group that has been meeting faithfully together since we dug-in to the 40 Days of Purpose study in the Spring of 2004. This group has encouraged each other in their faith journeys and they have learned much from the Holy Spirit at work in their times together.

Recently, the group’s study has inspired the members to their feet in prayer. This small group has been immersed in Mark Batterson’s study, The Circle Maker. One of the results of the study is that some members have begun meeting each Friday to walk circles around our church seven times as they pray. These prayers allow the pray-ers to “pray on site with insight” as they sense God’s direction for their praying.  The physical location of our church in the heart of Shelby brings to mind and heart the needs of our town and the call of the Lord to minister therein.   Further, as our church considers a new way forward in our staffing structure, this prayer initiative has become a wonderful blessing to lift this proposal before the Lord and seek his wisdom in the conversation.

Anyone wishing to join this prayer-walking journey is welcomed to meet in the Washington Street parking lot across from Webb Chapel at 1:30 PM on Fridays. If you are unable make it on Fridays feel free to circle the church and pray anytime that works for you! Praying with all the sights and sounds that surround our church allows our conversation with God to take on new meaning and to reach new depths of insight.

We are blessed by the prayers of God’s people!

Clara, Sara and Judy walk and pray as they lift up our church to the Lord!