November 21, 2016

In Her Footsteps!

Grandparents are nothing but thrilled to see what their grandchildren are doing as they grow.  It is a real blessing of life to have this “grand” experience and Janet and I are really taking it in with absolute joy!

We received a texted photo from yesterday at church where our daughter’s family serves.  It was one of those moments of delight and challenge.

In the photo our grandgirl is looking up with pride in what she has just accomplished, viz. propping her booted foot up on the table rail just like Mommy’s and friend’s booted feet were so propped!   I keep looking back at this picture because she is so sweet — caught in the act of imitating her Mom!

I keep looking at it, too, because it is not only a delight to see but it is a challenge to embrace.  Our children are watching our every move and they learn their first steps from following in ours.   We are models for them all day long and every day!

That being so, Paul’s word to the Corinthian church needs to be the word we apply to ourselves knowing that our children are about to do life the same way we do it in front of them:  “Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted.  Give yourselves regular checkups.”  (2 Corinthians 13:5, Msg)

I thank God for my daughter and son as they model service in the name of Jesus to our grandgirl.  And, I pray for God’s direction for all our families as we check our steps knowing that they WILL BE imitated by the children in our lives.