April 9, 2020

“I Belong Here” — What Church is Supposed to Be Like!

By Sadie Page

I moved to Shelby in January to work at the Shelby Mission Camp after finishing my senior year a semester early. Before moving, I had looked at a dozen church websites in the area but none really stuck out to me.

During my first week in Shelby, I was running at the YMCA and saw a poster* in the gym for FBC Shelby with the service time on it. I decided to check this church out.

Sadie and Megan in the Youth Center

The first time I came to youth, I was shocked. I had never been to a church other than the one I grew up in so I didn’t know what it felt like to be new. I still don’t know what this feels like because they treated me like family from the beginning. Somehow they made me feel like I belonged here.

Sure Enough, Friends!

Some things I remember from my first night: Annmarie saved me a seat, Harrison gave me a hug when I left, Missy showed me where the youth room was, Ms. Helen introduced herself, CA pulled up a chair for me at the parent meeting because I got there too early, Will included me, KK showed me around. I have never been a part of a community like this.

When my internship at the camp did not go as planned, I didn’t want to leave Shelby because I loved church here. So we found a way for me to stay. This youth group has stood by me for the past 3 months.

“When I came to youth crying, they hugged me. When I came laughing, they celebrated with me. “

Sadie Page on FBC Youth
Serving with FBC Kids

While I am currently spending some time in Wilson because of the coronavirus pandemic, I can’t wait to come home to Shelby and be with my people again. This is what church is supposed to be like. This is where I have found my family.

“This is what church is supposed to be like. This is where I have found my family.”

*That poster at the YMCA has been made available over the years by Eddie and Betty Ramsaur!