September 20, 2018

Day 30

Day 30 — September 20, 2018

So, here we are, church family.  Day 30. The Equipping and Commissioning weekend is here! 

We pray that your heart has been touched, as we have joined together in this reading. And that the Lord is speaking to you, as together we embark on this journey together.  He has given each of us a special gift and opportunities to use them in serving others and to bring Him glory.  Will we?

It is a priceless gift.  There is no one like you, nor a gift exactly like the one He has woven into your being.  It may indeed require a step of faith as we venture out and say YES, but He will honor our willingness.  For we will surely feel and experience Him in the most unbelievable of ways outside our comfort zone.


Increase our faith.  Increase our willingness. Increase our desire.  And increase our knowledge of You. Holy Spirit, be present. Change us. Unite us. Grow us this weekend.  In Your name we pray, Amen.