Spiritual Formation

August 28, 2017

Welcome to a terrific journey of seeking God together through devotional readings, meditation, and prayers. Beginning today, you will be receiving daily devotionals written by representatives of the following Sunday School Departments: Preschoolers, Children Youth, College, and Adults. May each inspire and help prepare us for the Lay Led Revival on September 22-24. Enjoy your journey! Richard Tedder, FBC Deacon and Lay Renewal Spiritual Growth Group Chairperson   Day 1:  Preschoolers   James 5:16  …pray for […]

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High Hopes, 92 Years and Counting!

By J.A. West I was born and reared in Wilmington, NC, but when I was 18 years old, the US Navy changed all of that.  I was about to be drafted into the army, but I chose to join the Navy instead.  The Navy took us 19-year-olds and spent a year training us and hoping we would soon look like men, instead of boys.  I spent a year in the Navy V-12 program at Duke […]

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Black Swan Event — Have You Had One?

By John Crosland I am currently reading a book titled The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. Mr. Taleb was previously a “quant,” an individual who created algorithms for high speed trading for investment banks on Wall Street. His real interests and strengths were in ascertaining the risks that were unforeseen. (This is not unlike being aware that the real dangers are in the things you do not know exist as opposed to the dangers you […]

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Yes, Jesus Knows Me!

By Lauren Wortman I must admit, I used to think of Jesus as an alien.  Come on, Jesus does some weird things. Like that time he killed the fig tree to make a point about having faith, or when he cried at the death of a friend only to turn around and bring him back to life. I heard these stories about Jesus, and it seemed to me that he was trying his best to […]

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Hovering Above 2017

Holy Spirit     With your wind, stir my soul     With your words, order my day     With your wings, gather me in And I will be grateful I will be glad Amen — Jack Levison, 40 Days with the Holy Spirit As the New Year 2017 is about to dawn, I hope you have identified a Bible reading and reflection plan that will encourage your steps into the new year.  One […]

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J.O.Y. to Your World!

By  Dr. Sophia Steibel Joy is a word we hear a lot during the Advent season. Joy is associated with the story and spirit of Christmas. We often anticipate this time of the year with great expectations. For me this word took on a new meaning about six years ago when I joined a group of ladies in Sunday School at First Baptist Church of Shelby, a class named J.O.Y. Intrigued by the acronym, I […]

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