September 19, 2018

Camp Miracles

Camp Miracles

Day 29 — September 19, 2018

By Missy Smith

I am blessed with a job where I can clearly see the true benefits of those who give of their time, talents and tithes to serve within the church. In particular, I am able to see this when people give of their finances to help children that would otherwise not have the opportunity, get to go and experience camp. Often times children that have received this assistance are from lower income families. For these children, even buying enough clothes for them to have for the 5 days while at camp, can be a hardship.

The first night at camp this year we were all getting settled in our cabins. All of the children were putting sheets on their beds, getting their sleeping bags and pillow out. I noticed that two of our children did not have any pillows or sheets, or even a sleeping bag. All they brought with them for the week was a blanket. At first, I found myself frustrated that their parents had not sent them the proper items that they needed for camp. Then I realized that it was not by their choice that they came to camp without, it was simply because they did not have. After talking with the children, it turned out neither do they have sheets or pillows on their beds at home.

My heart sank as I realized how very little these children live with on a daily basis. My heart hurt for them. I was immediately filled with the immense gratitude of God’s provision for them, to have their needs met, through generous people in our church allowing them the opportunity to go to camp! On the last night of camp two of the young boys (that would not have been able to go to camp if it were not through the generosity of others) asked Jesus to be their Savior!

I was so thankful for their commitment to Christ, but also felt such gratitude in my heart for those who are gift givers, as the children would have not had the opportunity to go and learn about their Savior if people had not supported them finically.

 And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19