April 23, 2018

“Ben did good, absolutely”

By Tony Tench with the help of Nell Canipe

Ben Ledford has been a part of our church family since his birth in December of 1988. Ben’s mother, Jeri, has been faithfully serving the Lord from our organ console for more than 35 years.  Ben’s father, Reggie, is a foundational member of our ministry team as he leads Solo Flight, a community of singles at First Baptist Church, in Bible Study and service.  Ben graduated from North Shelby School a few years back and was an outstanding student in the hearts of his teachers.

Recently, during worship, as Ben sat beside Nell Canipe, he listened intently to the choir’s anthem and when they concluded he remarked, “They did good, absolutely!”  We thank God for Ben and his awareness of all that is happening in worship.  His attention to the “meat” of the message is a model for us all.   That day, Pastor Tony was preaching a message entitled, “Jesus Teaches Us to Witness” from John’s description of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well.

Ben was listening!

During the sermon, Nell heard Ben provide the “echo” every preacher is glad to hear:

“Is very simple”

“That’s a question”

“He was showing respect”

“She got the point”

“Was patient.”

In classic Benjamin Ledford style, our dear friend in Christ sums up Jesus’ call to witness to others as we share the Gospel, viz. Don’t be stressed out about evangelism, it’s very simple, just ask a question and begin a conversation and as you talk show respect and be patient and the Holy Spirit will help others get the point that Jesus loves them!

When it comes to sermon listening and interaction, “Ben did good, absolutely!”