Missy Smith

Create to Create Camp

FBC Children’s Ministry Virtual Summer Art Camp — July 2020 Created to Create Camp has been a great summertime experience for children during these “stay at home” days.  Originally airing on each of the Wednesdays in July 2020, these lessons are available below for parents to use with their children at any time (if you were not able to participate during July).  Join us as we explore God’s creation and how we are a special […]

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Loving Father

By Missy Smith I grew up with a great father. He was always in my corner to cheer me on and to tell me that he loved me. I can remember at a very young age feeling special to him as he would take time to play with my brother and me. He would often take time to sit and read a Bible story to us out of our Big Bible book. My dad was […]

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Never Been a Mother

A Mother’s Day Reflection By Bailey Smith This is no surprise, but I’ve never been a mother.  Frankly, the thought of being a mother is one that would cause me to wake up sweaty and scared to death in the middle of the night!  However, I do feel like I’m somewhat knowledgeable about mothers.  I’ve been around them and known them since I can remember.          The first mother I remember was my […]

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